Online and personalized coaching for runners of all levels
Coach - Malcolm Smillie

Malcolm has been a competitive runner for over forty years. He is a top class masters track athlete and has been coaching runners of all abilities since 2002.

He is well known throughout the running community in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland both from his competitve achievements and for his work in developing the Sport Medicine Council's Sun Run Training clinics.

Train Smarter - Get Stronger - Stay Motivated
There are literally hundreds of options available for runners looking for training plans. How do you decide why one is right for you?
The ingredients for any running program are largely the same regardless of whether you are first time 10k runner or elite marathoner. The key is finding the recipe of those ingredients that fit your goals, ability and commitment level. 
Just joining in with a training clinic or group may work for you for a while but there are times when one size does not fit all. If you are looking a training program specifically designed to suit your running goals, life priorities, and long term fitness then you should consider investing in expert advice and guidance.
My coaching service provides inspiration, knowledge, advice, analysis and applause, as well as empathy and support.  It will enable you get the most of out of your running with guidance that provides you with a detailed training plan, regular progress checks and the ability to have questions and concerns answered by telephone or email.
Program costs start at $35.00
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