Malcolm is one of the top master track and field athletes in the World. He has over one thousand races from 800m up to half marathon and considers himself a life long runner.

About Malcolm Smillie:
Malcolm is one of the leading Master track athletes in the World. He has won provincial and national championships in the 800m and 1500m and in 2005 won the World Masters Games won gold in the 1500m and silver in the 800m. His competitive running career has spanned over three decades. In that time he has competed at a high level on the track, road and cross-country. 
He is well known throughout the running community in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland both from his competitive achievements and for his work in developing the Sport Medicine Council’s Sun Run Training clinics - a 13-week training program that is the precursor to the second largest ten-kilometre road race in North America. Malcolm is regarded as one of the founding fathers of the program and although he has moved on from SportMedBC he is still very much involved with the sport with his own training and racing as well as conducting many seminars and workshops on the topic.
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